Dental Services

Crown And Bridge Fixing Procedure. Cosmetic Makeovers.Treatment for Gummy Smile Correction. Restorative Dentistry Procedures. Removable Partial Denture Procedure. Preventive Dentistry Procedure. Prosthetics Treatment.

Meet our Support Team

While we rely on CAD/ CAM Technology,  our team is not only dedicated to work but experienced in handling finer nuances of Dental Craftsmanship. Our desire to excel helps us provide the Natural Look for Crown and Bridges.

What customers are saying…

  • Timely service and breath of options has helped us in a big way to serve out patients in much better way.

    Dr. M Saikia
  • Bishnu Dental Lab introduced high end technology in this region. They have done a commendable job. I wish them great success.

    Dr. H.K. Hazarika
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